I am doing very well in school and at home, I haven’t collapsed for over 8 months now!! And I am getting top marks in all of my subjects….. Many many thanks

Feedback from 17 year old

Thank you for the very informative appointment. It was so helpful and reassuring too. The doctors who assessed my child were truly amazing! Thank you so much.

Feedback from mother of 6 year old

We were seen quickly, our concerns as parents were listened to and most importantly our child was listened to. For the first time they felt heard. You provided an excellent report following our child’s assessment. Out of all the wellbeing and mental health professionals that my child had come into contact with, you were the only ones to bring up the fact that our child may have autism. Thank you for helping us get to the cause of their mental health problems. As parents we are now able to support them better and have seen their mental health and life improve.

Feedback from mother of 17 year old

You will not believe it but I don’t think we need another session. My child had their vaccination today! …. thank you for the fantastic work you did. It was extremely helpful — both for dealing with the anxiety around needles but also more broadly learning calming techniques in case of anxieties

Feedback from 17 year old

Thank you so much for the letter. It summarises everything about our child and is just what I need to send to their future school. Thank you once again for all yours and Dr Liang’s help. It really has been life changing for us and our child and hopefully now they can reach their full potential.

Feedback from mother of 9 year old