Specialist Psychological Medicine Service 
for Children with Persistent Physical Symptoms

Covid 19 Update – Business as usual by state-of-the art online mental health assessment (DAWBA) and video/telephone appointments

Welcome to Mind and Body London

Mind and Body London are the only private specialist mental health service in the country which focuses on children with a combination of physical and mental health problems. We are a multi-disciplinary team of specialist clinicians led by Professor Isobel Heyman. 

What we do

Mind and Body London offer services for children and adolescents with physical symptoms and who are distressed or having difficulties with day-to-day life. This may be because their symptoms are stopping them doing things they would like to be doing, or they have emotional or behavioural problems in the context of physical ill-health, such as epilepsy and chronic pain. They may have functional symptoms (symptoms that are not caused by a serious underlying disease), which can also be referred to as ‘conversion symptoms’ or ‘medically unexplained symptoms’

Mind and Body London Psychologist Team Photo
Photo of child sitting on the floor reading a book

Our Aim

The emphasis is on individual assessment and meeting the needs of each child and family. Our comprehensive assessments are designed to ensure that our range of services best meets your child’s needs. Our philosophy is to involve all the services needed for regaining good quality of life, and we will liaise with your local services, school and other colleagues as needed as we know that this is the key to successful on-going outcomes. If treatment is requested and needed, we may be able to offer this. An ongoing package of treatment will always include us working closely with a local team of professionals.

Dr Heyman’s multidisciplinary approach ensures that she and her colleagues will arrange consultations with additional Great Ormond Street professionals as needed in each individual case – including paediatricians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.